Hey I’m Jackie Lange. Owner and passionate hair stylist since 2002. Over the years I’ve specialized in hair extensions, blowouts, coloring and blonding.  I love inspiring others and making each person feel good about themselves. A little bit more… is I’m a bit earthy and trying to live a clean and organic lifestyle. I love local farms, organic foods, nature, gardening, and creating a sustainable space good for all of you. That’s what brought me to be a Davines exclusive salon. A B corp certified company that is good for the environment and good for you. They support and believe in what’s important to me. Not to mention that the color line and products are nothing compared to anything else. I also did so much research on a cosmetic line called Bodyography that doesn’t test on animals, vegan, enriched with vitamins for your skin with runway status. I feel so happy in making all of my dreams come true that meet core values while watching it grow and shine around me. Im also obsessed with hair extensions, but only support very few companies that are ethical and sustainable. Bellami, habit, cinderella. I also count my blessings and feel grateful to have such a wonderful tribe that’s is on my side. We are always here to give you the best for the best!