JL Styles is a concept I have been working on for the last 17 years. I wanted to create a place and experience for our guests , that would allow them to relax, be pampered, and leave feeling beautiful and confident. I knew I would want to offer a full- service haircare menu for both men and women. I would insist the products used would be the best sustainable products available. Each guest would be able to have a customize plan and treatment that would meet their needs. Each experience would be unique. The energy of salon would allow our guests to feel loved and cared for.

After many months of my husband and I pouring in endless hours of work, late nights, our own money, and his talents, I am proud to say my dream has come to fruition! JL Styles & Blow Dry Bar is open and I can’t wait to have you walk through the door. As a Milford native, I look forward to being part of the downtown community. I love the energy of this town. I grew up here and I am now raising a family here. This town and our community mean so much to me.

When you walk into JL Styles, you will experience a full -service salon offering hair products and treatments by Davines. us.Davines.com a family owned business based in Italy. They have created a line of hair products that are sustainable, innovated, B corp certified, and luxurious. Their exclusive products are only available in premier salons. In addition to the traditional services offered, I will also have a Blow Dry Bar in house to help you look your best for that next special occasion; Proms, Weddings, Anniversaries or just an extra boost of confidence you might need for a given day or fun night out. We all need to feel beautiful and pamper ourselves

I want to thank everyone that has helped me make this possible; my husband, my friends, my clients, and my family. The words of encouragement and loyalty over the years has meant so much to me. It took a lot of time, sacrifice, and commitment but it is finally happening. Please follow us on Facebook JL Styles and blow dry bar, and Instagram for any fun and new updates.